Don’t Get Escheated!

Make a list of the following items, and give a copy to your attorney or a trusted relative:

bank accounts and credit cards

stocks, bonds and mutual funds

brokerage and money market accounts

retirement plans

insurance policies (health, life, credit card, mortgage)

utility and rent deposits

safe deposit box rentals

employer and union benefits

trust payments and annuities

refundable prepaid items (layaways, deposits, insurance premiums, etc.
 Cash every check as soon as you get it.

Checks that are not cashed within a year may be considered abandoned and unclaimed.

 Use gift cards and travelers checks promptly.

Each year, billions of dollars worth of gift cards and travelers checks are not used or forgotten.

 Make a checklist of payments you expect to receive.

Include insurance proceeds, monthly retirement benefits, and dividends and interest you may get only quarterly or even annually.

Notify every holder of funds in the event of a change of name or address.

Call if you miss a regular statement or other correspondence. Clerical and computer errors are a common way you “get lost,” so double-check everything.

Check with state and federal agencies holding unclaimed property on a regular basis.

All it takes is a simple letter or phone call every 2-3 years. This is also a good way to keep apprised of unknown remittances made in your name, such as proceeds from wills or insurance policies of which you may be unaware.