Lost Safe Deposit Box Search

Confidentiality concerns, both on the part of owners and the institutions where safe deposit boxes are located, make this type of asset one that commonly goes unclaimed by heirs.

If you know the name of the bank where the box was held, but the branch has since moved, changed its name, or closed, don’t assume that unclaimed safe deposit box contents are lost forever. It is possible the contents were transferred to a successor institution. Go to: Bank & Credit Union Missing Money Search.

If you do not know where the box was held, it is still possible to find and claim its contents. Safe deposit boxes with expired leases and no further rental payments or claims eventually revert to government custody. Dormancy periods – the time during which there has been no box entry or rental payments – vary by state, but typically range from one-to-five years.

► If you have reason to believe a deceased relative may have had a safe deposit box at a bank but aren’t sure where, or to trace an unclaimed safe deposit box at a bank that no longer exists, complete the form below: