SAG Unclaimed Actor Royalties & Residuals – AFTRA & Coogan Payments

The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) is holding money for thousands of performers whose residuals checks – royalties earned from television and film performances – have gone unclaimed.

Residuals go unclaimed if an outdated address is on file, or if the legal beneficiary to a deceased performer’s estate is unknown. SAG processes over 1.5 million residuals payments annually, and because residuals are paid well into the future, keeping track of performers owed funds is a cumbersome task. A number of well known personalities are on the unclaimed residuals payment list.

Other unclaimed payments owed performers are held by AFTRA – the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists; and The Actors Fund of America. Note if you were a minor appearing in a film or TV show, you may be entitled to special compensation under the Coogan Act; which requires that 15% of the earnings of minors rendering artistic or creative services be transferred to a special trust account.

For assistance with Writers Guild unclaimed compensation go to Writers Guild Unclaimed Compensation Search

If you – either as an actor, performer or heir – are entitled to unclaimed residuals as a result of a television or film appearance, complete the form below: