Replace Lost, Destroyed or Stale-dated Checks

Checks and money orders often go unclaimed after they are lost or destroyed, returned by the post office as undeliverable, or because the payee simply forgets to present them for payment.

Failure to cash or deposit a check or money order does not terminate your right to the funds and the issuer’s responsibility to pay. This is generally true even if a check specifies a ‘void-after’ date. Checks that are not negotiated over an extended period are considered dormant, and thereafter come under the purview of government consumer protection statutes.

If you never received a check you can obtain a replacement. If you did receive a check, but for one reason or another never presented it for payment or deposited it to your bank account, you are still entitled to payment. Refunds and benefit checks issued by agencies of the federal government are subject to special rules.

Note even forgotten checks drawn on banks that have closed does not mean the unclaimed money is lost forever; you may still be entitled to collect funds from government regulators.

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