Emergency Relief for Farmers of Color Act & USDA African American Discrimination Settlement

The Emergency Relief for Farmers of Color Act of 2021 provides $4 billion in direct payments to fund forgiveness of 120% of the value of U.S.D.A. and private loans to African American, Hispanic and Native American farmers.

In addition to cancellation of debt, the act provides $1 billion in grants to pay taxes, assist with land acquisition and improvement,  and for scholarships to land grant universities.

Note also Pigford v. Glickman, a class action lawsuit against the U.S.D.A. which alleged racial discrimination in the allocation of farm loans and assistance to African American Farmers ended with a settlement of $50,000 to each African American farmer unfairly denied a loan.  The U.S. Congress passed the Claims Settlement Act of 2010, authorizing $1.1 billion for the payment of claims.

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