Writers Guild of America Unclaimed Copyright Payments & Royalties

The Writers Guild of America is holding in excess of $13 million in unclaimed compensation for thousands of writers. Most of this money consists of taxes collected by foreign countries that were enacted to compensate US-based copyright holders for their work.

These taxes – on items like blank and rental videocassettes and DVDs – come from more than a dozen countries, and are payable to members and non-members alike of the Screen Actors, Writers and Directors Guilds.

Funds go unclaimed when an outdated address is on file, or if the legal beneficiary to a deceased writer’s estate is unknown. Because these fees continue to accrue well into the future, keeping track of writers owed funds can a daunting task. A number of well known authors are on the unclaimed compensation list.

If you believe you may be entitled to unclaimed Writer’s Guild royalties and residuals compensation as a result of television or film work, complete the form below: